No Boring Coat Racks – What to Put on an 8 Hook Coat Rack

With a wall mounted coat rack, the more hooks, the better. No Boring Coat Racks sells many styles of coat racks with varying numbers of hooks. The rack with 8 hooks is perfect for someone who has a lot to hang up. An 8-hook coat rack works well in bedrooms by helping keep jackets and accessories organized. Here are 8 things that you can hang on an 8-hook coat rack.


When most people think of coat racks, they think of hanging coats. While this is a great option, remember there are so many other things you can hang on a coat rack. When hanging coats on the wall mounted coat rack, be mindful of what season it is. Switch out your coats as the weather changes. For example, you might have a rain jacket on the rack during the spring, and a warm fluffy jacket on the rack in the winter.


 Hats are another great option to hang on the coat rack. During the winter, hang a warm hat that will keep your head warm in the cold weather. During the summer, hang a baseball cap to protect your face from the sun.


 Scarves are a great cold-weather accessory. Hang your favorite scarf on the coat rack so that it is easy to grab on the way out.


 Belts are an accessory that easily can get lost in the closet. Make sure you don’t lose your favorite belt by hanging it on a coat rack!


 A coat rack is a perfect spot for your purses. A purse can be easily hung by its strap. This will keep you from misplacing your purse and will make it easy to grab on the way out.


 During the winter, it is important to wear gloves outside to protect your hands from the cold. It is so easy to misplace one or both gloves. Use a coat rack to keep them hung as a pair.


 Sweatshirts are another great item to hang on a coat rack. The hood makes it easy to hang, and it will be easy to grab on your way out on a cool fall evening.


 Last but not least, an umbrella is a great thing to hang on a coat rack. An umbrella is another item that frequently gets lost in the depths of closets. Hanging the umbrella on the coat rack keeps it from getting lost and helps you remember to take it with you on rainy days.

 An 8-hook wall mounted coat rack is the perfect place to hang clothes and accessories. Figure out what your most important items are and hang those on the coat rack. This helps with keeping your space organized and providing easy access to your items. Contact No Boring Coat Racks today for more information about the 8-hook coat racks.

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