No Boring Coat Racks - What to Put on a Coat Rack with 5 Hooks

A wall mounted coat rack that has 5 hooks is the perfect size. These coat racks can hold all sorts of items. They are great to put in the bedroom, entryway, or the basement. They are awesome for kids and adults alike. Even though the name says “coat rack,” in reality the racks can hold several things beyond just coats. Here are 5 different things to put on your 5-hook coat rack.


 As it says in the name, a “coat” rack is perfect for coats! Switch out the coat on the hook based on the season. During winter, put a warm, heavy coat on the hook. In fall and spring, put a light jacket or even a rain jacket on the hook. In the summer, you might not have to hang a jacket on the wall mounted coat rack at all, depending on the weather where you live.


 A hat is a great item to hang on a coat rack. Pretty much any style hat you choose will fit on the rack. It could be a baseball cap, beanie, sombrero, or a beret! Setting a hat on a coat rack in the entryway makes it easy to grab on the way out.


 During the winter, place a scarf on your coat rack. Scarves are the perfect winter accessory. Not only are they stylish, but they are also extremely functional during those cold months.


 A sweatshirt is another great item to add to your 5-hook coat rack. On those cool summer or fall days, a sweatshirt can be the perfect apparel item to grab on the way out the door.


 Gloves are a necessity for the winter. Unfortunately, they seem to always get lost! It is very common to find one glove lying around with its partner missing. A wall mounted coat rack is the solution to this problem. By hanging gloves on the coat rack, the chances of losing them are much slimmer.

 A 5-hook wall mounted coat rack is the perfect addition to a bedroom or entryway in your home. It will keep your apparel and accessories organized and tidy. It is wonderful to always know where your stuff is instead of running around and looking for it as you

are trying to leave the house. For more information about 5-hook coat racks and the different styles available, contact No Boring Coat Racks.

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