No Boring Coat Racks – Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your House Organized

Keeping an organized house is easier said than done. Most people have good intentions but end up with a house messier than they would like. It is especially difficult to stay organized in a house with a lot of kids. Being organized doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead of thinking about organization as a chore, think of it as a challenge! Start with some simple organizers like a wall mounted coat rack and go from there. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your house organized.

 Invest in Coat Racks

 Most people have several coats floating around their house. In most cases these coats end up stuffed in closets, on bedroom floors, or thrown to the side in mudrooms. Invest in wall mounted coat racks! These racks can be hung throughout the house to help organize coats. Put one in each kid’s room, as well as one in the main entrance to the house. Pick coat racks that are fun and add to the décor of the room. This will help keep the jackets off the floor, making your house more organized.

 Do a Spring Cleaning

 An easy way to stay organized is to do a spring cleaning once a year. Every spring, make it a point to embark on a complete house cleaning. Go through all your clothing items and donate anything that you no longer need. Another good place to do a thorough cleaning is the kitchen. Sort through cabinets and drawers and you are guaranteed to find items that you no longer use. Make a plan with your family to clean out your house each spring in order to stay organized throughout the year.

 Buy Containers and Organizers

 Purchasing various containers and organizers is a simple way to keep your house organized. Visit the Container Store, Target, or Walmart and buy necessary containers and organizers. Having a shoe organizer for closets is extremely helpful. Also, invest in containers to store toys and stuffed animals. Any type of kitchen organizer is also very useful, such as a silverware divider or spice rack. These containers and organizers help to keep items neatly stored away.

 Being organized can seem stressful and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! Investing in simple organizers like a wall mounted coat rack can help turn a room from messy to organized in minutes. Contact No Boring Coat Racks today to learn about our wall mounted coat racks and how they can help you be more organized.

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