No Boring Coat Racks – Things Kids Can Hang on Their Coat Rack

A coat rack can be the perfect addition to any child’s room. Not only does it provide them with a space to hang their things, but a kid’s coat rack is also a way for your child to express their personality. At No Boring Coat Racks, we carry coat racks in the shapes of dinosaurs, dogs, cats, trains, cars, and more! Figure out what your child is interested in and get a coat rack to match that interest. A kid’s coat rack can be stylish and functional at the same time. Get one for each child’s room, allowing them to pick their own style of coat rack. Here are a few ideas of things a kid could hang on their coat rack.


When you think of coat racks, first and foremost you think about hanging jackets. Kids are often excited when they come in from playing outside and will throw their jackets on the floor. With a wall mounted coat rack, kids will learn that their jacket has a spot to hang. It also allows them to easily grab it the next time they go outside, instead of having to dig through their closet to find it. The cute shape of the coat rack will encourage kids to use it to hang up their jackets.

 Hats and Gloves

 During the winter, kids will often wear hats and gloves when they play outside. A coat rack is a perfect place to keep these accessories. First, it keeps them off the floor or from getting lost in the closet. Second, it allows kids to quickly grab them on their way out the door. With a coat rack, you will be reminding your kids a lot less to get their hats and gloves, as they will always be hanging right by their bedroom door.


 Backpacks are a third item that should be hung on your child’s coat rack. Backpacks travel between school and home and frequently get left on the floor around the house. Encourage your child to hang up their backpack on their coat rack to keep your house and their room more organized. Kids will become more organized and efficient at getting ready for school if they know their backpack will always be in the same spot.

 Parents are always brainstorming ways to encourage their kids to be more organized. A quick, easy solution is to invest in a kid’s coat rack in your child’s bedroom. The coat racks are cute, stylish, and help keep clothes and accessories off the floor and hung up. Contact No Boring Coat Racks today to learn more about our wall mounted coat racks for kids.

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