No Boring Coat Racks – How to Use a Coat Rack in the Bathroom

Did you know that coat racks can be hung all around the house? They can even be placed in the bathroom! Coat racks are a great place to hang various items besides coats. They can be used for towels, robes, and more! Here four ways that you can use a wall mounted coat rack in the bathroom.

 Towel Hanger

A wall mounted coat rack can be transformed into a towel hanger when used in the bathroom. It can be used to hang hand towels by the sink or bath towels by the shower. This is a perfect way to keep your towels organized and reusable!

 Robe Hanger

 Robes are common items to keep in the bathroom. It can be nice to put on a robe after showering while getting ready. A coat rack is a great way to keep robes hung and organized in the bathroom, so they are ready to wear when you need them.

 Bathroom Supplies Hanger

 Another way a coat rack can be useful in the bathroom is if it is used as a hanger for bathroom supplies. This could be anything from a shower loofah to an eye mask. Anything hangable can be placed on the coat rack to provide easy access to the items. It is a lot easier to pull something off a coat rack than to dig around in a cabinet for it.

 Belt Hanger

 If you are someone who wears belts, the bathroom is the perfect place to install a coat rack for your belts. That way, when you get dressed in the morning, you will have your belts right there next to you to put on. This helps prevent trips back and forth to the closet in your bedroom.

 Don’t get stuck thinking that a wall mounted coat rack can only be used for coats! Get creative and try installing coat racks in other rooms of your house, like the bathroom. A bathroom coat rack can be used to hang towels, robes, bathroom supplies, or belts. At No Boring Coat Racks, we have plenty of options to pick from. We carry coat racks in a variety of different shapes, colors, and styles that have a varying number of hooks. For more information about our selection of coat racks and how they can be used in a bathroom, contact No Boring Coat Racks today.

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