No Boring Coat Racks – How to Use a Coat Rack in a Baby Nursery

A coat rack can be used for many more things than just a place to hang jackets. In fact, it can be used all over the house to hang various items. At No Boring Coat Racks, you can invest in a cute kids’ coat rack to hang in your nursery. Babies need a lot of different items in their nursery, and a coat rack can be the perfect spot to organize and hang some of these items. Pick an animal face coat rack or one that is shaped like an animal or vehicle. Not only is a coat rack a functional addition to the nursery, it is also a cute décor item! Read on for four things you can hang on a coat rack in a nursery.


 Between the baby shower and your own purchases, you may find yourself with a lot of baby blankets by the time your baby is born. A coat rack is the perfect spot to display and store these blankets! The coat rack allows you to show off your beautiful blankets while keeping them organized.

 Burp Cloths

 Another item you will want to have handy in the nursery is a burp cloth. Use the coat rack to hang up several burp cloths so they will always be at arm’s length.

 Extra Clothes

 A coat rack in the nursery can also be the perfect place to hang some frequently worn baby clothing items. The hooks provide a great place to hang favorite onesies to prevent them from getting lost in a drawer.

 Diaper Bag

 As a new mom, you will quickly find that your diaper bag goes everywhere with you. Why not hang the bag in an easy-to-reach spot in the nursery? Use the coat rack to hang up the bag so that it is simple to grab next time you are getting ready to run out of the house.

 A kids’ coat rack is the perfect addition to a nursery. In addition to the coat rack being a cute, decorative item, it can also be used to hang blankets, burp cloths, extra clothes, and a diaper bag. Pick between the animal face coat racks or one shaped like a dog, cat, dinosaur, or vehicle. For more information about available coat racks and how they can be used in a baby nursery or other rooms in the house, contact No Boring Coat Racks today.

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