No Boring Coat Racks – How to Pick the Right Coat Rack for Your Family

Picking a wall mounted coat rack for your family is an important task. You want to pick a rack that is both functional and matches the style of the house. At No Boring Coat Racks, we have many different racks to choose from. Here are a few different kinds of available coat racks and how to pick the right one.

 Custom Coat Rack

 Custom wall mounted coat racks are perfect for families who want to display their name in the house. At No Boring Coat Racks, solid wood racks are available with names carved into the top. There are many different color options and sizes to choose from. Having a custom coat rack with the family’s last name is a great décor item to include in any home.

 Modern Coat Rack

 Modern décor is currently a very popular style when people are designing the look of their home. From furniture to artwork, the modern look is great to incorporate into a home. Luckily, there is a coat rack that fits the modern style. At No Boring Coat Racks, there are 10 different modern coat racks to pick from. All these styles include clean lines in a geometric shape. The modern coat racks have anywhere from 1 to 8 hooks, so pick a style and shape that works best in your house. The modern coat rack will blend right in with the modern décor, adding another stylish and functional element to the room.

 Animal Coat Racks

 A third option when picking a family coat rack is to consider what the kids might like. This is perfect when the coat rack is going to be in a child’s bedroom or playroom. There are many different options to choose from. No Boring Coat Racks has racks shaped like dinosaurs, dogs, and cats. Another option is the animal face coat rack. Pick between 10 different animal faces, including a dog, cat, frog, monkey, and more. These fun coat racks will make your child want to be more organized by encouraging them to hang up their coat on their fun new rack.

 Picking a wall mounted coat rack is an important decorating decision for you and your family. It all comes down to which style best suits your taste. Whether it is a custom name, modern style, or animal coat rack, each one will add to the décor of the room. Contact No Boring Coat Racks today for more information about the different types of coat racks we offer.

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