No Boring Coat Racks - How to Pick a Coat Rack

When it comes to purchasing a wall mounted coat rack, there are many different choices available on the market. At No Boring Coat Racks, the variety of coat racks is endless. There are kid’s racks, modern racks, racks with 5 hooks, racks with 1 hook, and even customized racks with your family’s name. How does one ever choose? The first step is to create a list of the rooms in your house that need a coat rack. Once you know how many you need and where you want to put them, here are a few other factors to consider.

 Fit Child’s Interests

If the coat rack is going to be put in a child’s room, involve them in the choice. Figure out what their interests are and then find a matching coat rack. No Boring Coat Racks has an excellent supply of kid’s coat racks. Pick from coat racks shaped like dinosaurs, dogs, trains, and more! Your child will be so excited about their new coat rack that they will never leave their coat on the floor again!

 Match Décor in the Room

 Another way to pick a coat rack is based on the style of décor in the room where it will be placed. For example, if your room has modern décor, you might want to pick a rack from the “modern” coat rack line. You can also match the coat rack color to the color theme of the room. For example, if the room has a lot of red items, purchase a red coat rack to go along with the theme.


 Another fun way to pick a coat rack is to get one custom-made for your family. At No Boring Coat Racks, customers can buy a wooden coat rack with the family name carved into it. This is the perfect coat rack to hang around the home. It is also a great gift to get newlyweds who want to show off their new family name. This could also be a fun coat rack for kids, since they can get their first name carved into it and have their own unique rack.

 At first glance, picking a wall mounted coat rack might seem easy - but with all the different designs available for sale, it can be quite the decision. Keep in mind where the coat rack will be hung and who the coat rack is for before deciding on a design. Allow children to help choose their own coat racks for their room. For other rooms in the house, consider matching the décor of the room and potentially getting a customized rack with the family name. Contact No Boring Coat Racks today and learn more about all the different designs available.

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