No Boring Coat Racks – How to Organize Pet Accessories

As a pet owner, you are most likely all too familiar with the different accessories that go with owning a dog or a cat. Many pet owners quickly throw their supplies in a closet by the front door. This can lead to disorganization and even losing some important pet accessories. Don’t be disorganized any longer when it comes to your pets. Purchase a wall mounted coat rack to hang by your front door. This coat rack can be used for many different things besides just hanging coats. It will help you to organize your pet accessories. Here are some ideas about what you can hang on your wall mounted coat rack.


 A wall mounted coat rack right by the front door is the perfect place to hang leashes. As you go out the front door for a walk with the dog, the rack allows you to easily grab the leash. When returning from the walk, it is simple to hang the leash back up for next time. Gone are the days where you spend five minutes digging through the closet to find the leash.  With a wall mounted coat rack, it will always be waiting by the front door.

 Sweaters and Jackets

 During the winter, it is common for dogs to wear a sweater or jacket when they go outside. This is especially important for small dogs or for dogs that live in a very cold climate. A wall mounted coat rack provides a place to hang dog sweaters and jackets so that they are easy to grab on the way out the door.


 Many dog owners like to switch their dog’s collars throughout the year. They might have a collar for Christmas time, a collar for summer, and even a collar for Halloween. Instead of throwing the collars into a closet never to be seen again, hang them on the wall mounted coat rack.

 Wall mounted coat racks are extremely versatile and can be used for many things in addition to hanging coats. Pet owners can use a wall mounted coat rack to hang pet accessories including leashes, sweaters, jackets, and collars. Don’t worry about having enough hooks to hold everything. Our largest coat rack has eight hooks, providing plenty of space for all your pet’s accessories. You can even match the breed of your dog to the coat rack!  No Boring Coat Racks has wall mounted racks that are shaped like Dobermans, Poodles, Schnauzers, Great Danes, Pugs, Labradoodles, Huskies, Collies, and Dachshunds. Contact No Boring Coat Racks today for more information about racks to use for pet accessories.

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