No Boring Coat Racks – Get Your Dino Lover a Coat Rack that Inspires 

 Coat racks come in many different shapes and sizes. When choosing a coat rack for your child, it is important to involve them in the decision. If you’re buying a kid’s coat rack, figure out what things interest them. Encourage your child to think about their favorite animal and then surprise them with a coat rack shaped like that animal. If your kid is a dinosaur lover, then they are in luck. No Boring Coat Racks offers five different dinosaur coat racks. These kid-friendly coat racks will inspire your child to hang up their coats instead of throwing them on the floor. Here are a few things to consider when ordering a dinosaur coat rack.

 Type of Dinosaur

When picking out a dinosaur coat rack, it is very important to figure out which type of dinosaur your child wants. We offer five different dinosaurs: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and more! Your child will light up with excitement when they realize their coat rack can look like their favorite dinosaur.


 Color is another major factor when it comes to a kid’s coat rack. Each coat rack comes in four colors. These colors are red, yellow, blue, and green. Involve your child in the purchase decision by figuring out what their favorite color is. What happens if their favorite color is something other than red, yellow, blue, or green? No problem! For just $10 more, your dinosaur coat rack can be customized with a different paint color.


 Each dinosaur coat rack comes with five hooks. This is the perfect number for a child. Five hooks allow them to hang up their coat as well as other items such as hats, scarves, or sweatshirts. If five hooks are not enough for your kid’s coat rack, No Boring Coat Racks builds custom racks in any size you need. Just email them with how many hooks you need and the size you want. The company will then send you back a drawing and price based on the desired coat rack.

 Kids are typically not inspired to hang up their coats, but that can change with a dinosaur-shaped coat rack. Children will love picking the type of dinosaur and color for their coat rack. Kid’s coat rack shopping is simple when it’s a style they love. Contact No Boring Coat Racks today for more information about our dinosaur coat racks.

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