No Boring Coat Racks - 4 Ways a College Student Can Use a Coat Rack

A wall mounted coat rack is the perfect addition to any college dorm room. Dorm rooms are tiny, and space is at a premium. A coat rack will help college kids avoid extra clutter by having a spot to organize their things on the wall. While a coat rack is designed to hold jackets, it can be used for so much more! Here are four ways a college student can use a coat rack to keep their room neat and organized.

 Hang Jackets

First and foremost, a coat rack can be used to hold jackets. In a college dorm room, the wardrobe closet is typically very small. Jackets often take up a lot of room and make it hard to fit other clothes in. With a coat rack, the jackets are easily separated from the wardrobe, giving more space for clothes.

 Hang Outfit Accessories

 The wall mounted coat rack can be used to hang more than just jackets. Hang other outfit accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves, belts, vests, and more! It is a good idea to hang up your most-worn accessories; that way they are easily accessible. Hang the coat rack next to the door to make it simple to grab your things as you head to class.

 Hang Backpack

 Another way a college student could use the coat rack is to hang their backpack. It is a good way to keep the backpack off the floor. It is also helpful to have it hanging right by the door to easily grab on the way to class. Other types of bags can be hung on the rack as well, such as belt bags, drawstring bags, or purses. A coat rack is a great way for students to organize their collection of bags.

 Hang ID Badge

 Many college students have ID badges that they hang from lanyards. These badges allow them to access their dorm and their meal plan. It can be easy to misplace an ID badge lanyard. If lost, the student won’t be able to get into their dorm or buy food at the dining hall. An easy way to keep track of the lanyard is to hang it by the door on the coat rack. This makes it simple to grab the lanyard on the way out so that it won’t be forgotten.

 There are many different ways college students can use a wall mounted coat rack. Overall, it will keep them organized and provide them with some extra ways to store things in their cramped dorm room. For more information about coat racks and the different styles available, contact No Boring Coat Racks today.

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