No Boring Coat Racks – 4 Rooms in Your House That Could Use a Coat Rack

Wall mounted coat racks are extremely versatile. First, they are both stylish and functional. Second, they can be used in many different rooms throughout the house to hold various items. Here are four rooms in the house that could use a coat rack.


 A wall mounted coat rack is the perfect addition to any bedroom. In the bedroom, the coat rack can be used to hold jackets, scarves, hats, purses, or anything else that needs to be hung. It is a good idea to hang the coat rack by the door for easy access as people enter and exit the room. If the coat rack is in a child’s room, pick a coat rack that represents their interests, like a rack shaped like a dinosaur or a train.


 Another great place to put a coat rack is in the entryway. This is where people enter and need a place to put their jackets and accessories. Instead of making piles on chairs or on the floor, invest in a stylish coat rack to place on the wall in the entryway. The coat rack could contemporary in style, or it could be personalized with the family name. A coat rack is a great way to keep the entryway organized. It also helps guests to easily see where they can put their things.


 A mudroom is a wonderful place for a coat rack. Mudrooms usually contain a hodgepodge of items, such as jackets, scarves, gloves, dog leashes, hats, and more! All these items could be easily hung up and organized on a wall mounted coat rack. Order a coat rack for the mudroom today and the room will become easily organized.


 When thinking of where to place a coat rack, the bathroom may not be the first spot you think of. However, the bathroom is the perfect spot for one. The coat rack can serve as a towel holder. Don’t worry about your kids throwing their towels on the ground. The coat rack in the bathroom can easily hold multiple towels, keeping the bathroom neat and organized.

 The best part about a wall mounted coat rack is that it can be put anywhere around the house. The coat racks can differ in color, shape, and style based on where they are placed. A coat rack is a practical solution to home organization issues Contact No Boring Coat Racks today for more ideas about how to use coat racks around the house.

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