No Boring Coat Racks – 3 Unique Uses for a Coat Rack

Have you ever thought about how a coat rack can be used for so many different things beyond hanging up jackets? In addition to organizing coats, you can use a wall mounted coat rack in various rooms throughout your house to help you stay organized. Read on for more information about three unique uses for a coat rack.

 Towel Rack

Some bathrooms don’t have enough hooks to hold bath towels. Put a wall mounted coat rack in the bathroom, and you can hang your towels to dry once you finish using them. In addition to bath towels, the rack can also be used to hold hand towels, washcloths, or bathrobes.

 Medal Rack

 Does someone in your family participate in sports? If so, you probably have a lot of medals lying around from various meets, competitions, or games. Instead of putting the medals away in a drawer, why not hang them up for all to see? Hang up a wall mounted coat rack and hang your medals on the hooks. This is a great way to enjoy the medals instead of packing them away. If you have a child who has a lot of medals, allow them to hang their medal rack in their bedroom. They will have fun adding to their medal collection and seeing how many they have.

 Kitchen Supplies Rack

 Another room in your house that could use a coat rack is the kitchen. Use the coat rack to hang up aprons. Next time you are cooking, you will appreciate being able to quickly grab your apron instead of digging through drawers to find it. Another way to use a coat rack in the kitchen is to mount it to the wall by the oven and hang hot pads on the hooks. This provides you with easy access to the hot pads when you are taking dishes out of the oven. You could also use the rack to hold dish towels.

 When it comes to a wall mounted coat rack, feel free to be as creative as possible! Use the rack in different rooms of the house, like the bathroom or kitchen. The options are endless! No Boring Coat Racks provides customers with many different styles and sizes of coat racks. Pick out your favorite and get creative with how you use it in your home. For more information about coat racks and the different styles available, contact No Boring Coat Racks today.

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