No Boring Coat Racks – 3 Different Ways to Use Custom Name Coat Racks

At No Boring Coat Racks, you can get a custom wall mounted coat rack with your name on it. The coat racks are wooden with the names carved into them. There are many different options available for these custom racks, including your choice of peg type, paint color, and wood color. You may be wondering how you would use a custom name coat rack in your house. Here are 3 different ideas to consider when purchasing a custom name coat rack.

 Family Last Name

 Ordering a wall mounted coat rack with the family’s last name is a fun way to display the name in the house. A custom name coat rack is a great present to give a newlywed couple for their home. This coat rack can be placed anywhere, including the foyer, bedroom, basement, and more! You can also pick a wood color that will match other finishes in your house.

 Child’s Name

 A custom name coat rack makes for a great addition to a child’s room. Children love owning things with their name on them. This coat rack will give their room a personal touch. When purchasing the coat rack, involve them in the decision. Allow them to pick out their own paint or wood color. The coat rack can further be customized by including their birthday carved on the rack. Children with custom name coat racks will be excited and more willing to hang up their jackets.

 Dog’s Name

 A third way to use a custom name coat rack is to get one with a pet’s name carved into it. This is perfect for a mudroom, where you will be hanging dog leashes and coats. A custom name coat rack for a pet is a cute way to organize their accessories. Just like with the child’s coat rack, you can also get your pet’s birthday carved into the coat rack.

 Custom name coat racks are a great way to make wall mounted coat racks more exciting. These coat racks not only add an element of style to the home, but they are also functional and will help the family to stay organized. As you decide on a coat rack, consider a custom name rack with the family last name, a child’s name, or a dog’s name. Even better, you can get all three and place them around your house! Contact No Boring Coat Racks today for more information on purchasing a custom name coat rack.

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