How to Put Up Your Wall Mounted Coat Rack

At No Boring Coat Racks, there are so many options available. From animal shapes to modern-style racks, picking the right coat rack can be a tough decision. So you picked out a wall mounted coat rack - now what? It is time to hang the coat rack! This can be quite the task, so it is important that you understand how to do it and what materials you will need. In order to hang the coat rack, you will need a stud finder, a screwdriver, a drill, plastic drywall anchors, and wall screws. Gather these materials and then you are ready to get started! Here are the steps to hanging the coat rack.

 Find a Stud

Using the stud finder, find a stud where you want to hang the coat rack. You can also find the stud by tapping on the wall with the bottom of the screwdriver. Find where the tapping does not sound hollow, and that is where the stud is!

 Mark the Wall

 Once you have located the stud, figure out how the wall mounted coat rack will be placed. Use a pencil to mark dimensions on the wall where the coat rack will hang. This will make it much easier when you are drilling.

 Drill Holes

 At least one of the holes needs to be in the stud. The hole should be smaller than the size of the screw as it will get bigger.

 Place Plastic Anchors

 The plastic anchors will go in the holes. They should be completely even with the wall.

 Place Screws

 Finally, you will put the screw through the holes on the coat rack and into the anchors. Use a drill to do this. Do not tighten them too much!

 Before you hang your wall mounted coat rack, visit a local hardware store to ensure you have everything that you need. It is also nice if you have someone who can help you with the rack. It can be helpful to have someone hold the coat rack against the wall as you drill. In addition, it can help to have someone help with the measurements and marking the wall. Once you have all the necessary tools, the steps are fairly simple. After the coat rack is hung, it should be secure enough to hold coats, hats, scarves, etc. Contact No Boring Coat racks today for more information about how to hang your new wall mounted coat rack.

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